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I am an Abstract Painter. I paint intuitively often responding to pain and emotions. Although, memories also feature in my artwork. My paintings are colourful, mostly influenced by my heritage. I use a variety of processes and tools to achieve the final piece, constructing, deconstructing and then really constructing. Each of of my paintings convey my journey of recovery, moments only captured in time. I hope they are able to evoke emotions that helps to celebrate your life, in every moment happy or sad....

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  1. Peter Birtles avatar
    Peter Birtles Dec 3, 2014

    I saw some of Rashna’s artwork in Sheffield and i must admit for someone who knows next to nothing about art i found the pieces beautifully inspiring. I loved the colours and patterns they were all different but invoked the same reaction, so pleased to see a website for her work and I will be placing my order. Congratulations Rashna keep up the good work.